Ebony 'Hoes Get Their Throats Destroyed by Huge Hard Cocks

My name is Dominic, or Uncle Dom as my Nieces and Nephews call me, or Uncle Fuckin Dom, as my kids' friends call me. I like pizza, spaghetti, veal parmagana and eggplants. Melanzana as my mudderr would call them. So, to keep things from my wife, I got this little fuckin' cabin in da woods. Nothin fancy, just a place I bring my colored bitches to suck on the sausage. I like that dark meat and those big fat lips wrapped around my fuckin' cack. I even like the way they smell, those goofy fuckin' bastids. They almost smell like crisco, or like when my stupid fuckin' wife burns a pancake on the fuckin' griddle. I have fun wit dem tho. They usually have big fat fuckin ta ta's too. They aren't the brightest, but they sure know how to suck cack and eat ass. Not to mention they clean up my fuckin' cabin pretty good! I even give them a few bucks for their trouble and they like that shit. So, after awhile, my friends and I started callin' it "Uncle Dom's Cabin" you know, based on that fuckin' book written by that fuckin' old lady, I forget her crotch and I'm too fuckin' lazy to google the bitch. Plus I'm in da fuckin' woods! Anywayz, I got to bring this mooncricket back to the fuckin' bus stop before her 10 kids realize she's missin. Come back and check out my place. Uncle Dom's Cabin is always loaded with fuckin coloreds. Paaeace, Uncle Dom

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